Young Infants in Sweden with Acute Mastoiditis Benefit from Antibiotics and Surgery


Antibiotics and Surgery Prevent Severe Complications of Acute Mastoiditis in Young Infants, according to a 15-year study in Sweden. Read more:

Ventilation Tubes May Pose a Risk for Patients with Otitis Media with Effusion


Ventilation tube insertion may pose a risk to patients with otitis media with effusion, according to a study conducted by researchers in Seoul. Read more:

Anti-Bacterial Immune Responses Studied In Young Children with Otitis Media


Anti-bacterial immune responses in young children with acute otitis media are studied at the Rochester General Hospital. Read more:

Greek Pediatricians Need Improved Antibiotic Compliance


Only one-in-three pediatricians in Greece comply fully with antibiotic prescription guidelines, according to the Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Greece. Read more:

South African Children Need Intervention for Hearing, Vision and Development


Children in South Africa lack needed referrals to prevent hearing, vision and developmental problems that can contribute to long-term cognitive difficulties. Read more:

Order That Drink – It May Prevent Hearing Loss


Alcohol consumption may protect against hearing loss, while passive and acting smoking may contribute to it, according to experts at the University of Manchester. Read more: