Surgery Helps Italian Children with Cleft Palate and Acquired Middle Ear Cholesteatoma


Surgical Outcomes Include Preserved Hearing in Children With Acquired Middle Ear Cholesteatoma Associated with Cleft Palate, in 18 cases studied at the University of Parma, Italy. Read more:

Wider Incudomalleolar Joints Impair Sound Transmission for Down Syndrome Patients


A significantly wider incudomalleolar joint impairs sound transmission for patients with down syndrome, leading to conductive hearing loss, and raising questions of deficient collagen synthesis. Read more:

For Indigenous Australian Children, Otitis Media Complicates Literacy Problems


Otitis media may impact indigenous Australian children with ongoing literacy development difficulties, according to a study conducted by Curtin University, Perth. Read more:

Kids with Hearing Loss May Experience Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

sad little girl

Early age hearing loss could induce tinnitus and hyperacusis in children. Experts at State University of New York at Buffalo, NY recommends Anti-Seizure Drug. Read more:

Children with Bacterial Acute Otitis Media Hampered by Viruses Resistant to Antibiotics


Antibiotic resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae are major causes of bacterial acute otitis media in children, leading to conjugate vaccine use, according to experts at the Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health, Bangkok. Read more:

Children with Cleft Palates Benefit from CU Myringoplasty


Cartilage Underlay Myringoplasty Benefits Children with Cleft Palate; Although, Functional Outcomes Are Worse Than Those of Patients Without Cleft Palate, according to experts in Paris and The Netherlands. Read more:

Improving Facial Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery for Asians


Korean and Thai cadavers studied to improve facial reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for Asians, at the University College of Dentistry, Seoul, South Korea. Read more:

South African Children with HIV and Malnutrition Prone to Suppurative Otitis Media


Suppurative otitis media is prevalent among South African children who suffer from HIV and malnutrition, according to researchers at the University of the Free State, South Africa. Read more:

Down Syndrome Patients Experience Ear Drainage and Mastoid Pneumatization


Frequent ear drainage and immature mastoid pneumatization characterize chronic otitis media in down syndrome patients, according to researchers at the Jichi Medical University in Saitama, Japan. Read more:

Rural School Girls More Likely to Develop Suppurative Otitis Media in Bangladesh


Primary school girls in rural communities are more likely to develop suppurative otitis media than rural boys and urban children in Bangladesh, pointing to sociodemographic factors, according to studies conducted in Dhaka. Read more: