Dr. Charles D. Bluestone Awarded Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Otolaryngology

Dr. Charles D. Bluestone

Congratulations to the Society for Middle Ear Disease founder, Dr. Charles D. Bluestone for being promoted to Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Otolaryngology in the School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Bluestone was promoted to Distinguished Professor of Otolaryngology on July 1, 2009. The appointment of a faculty member to a Distinguished Professorship at the University of Pittsburgh constitutes the highest honor that can be accorded to a member of the professorate.

Dr. Bluestone’s recommendation for appointment as Distinguished Professor was reviewed by a group of distinguished faculty appointed by the Provost in consultation with the Senior Vice Chancellor for the Health Sciences.

Distinguished Professor Award University of Pitt

Now, as Dr. Bluestone enters retirement, he has been promoted to Emeritus status by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees. He received the promotion on June 30th, 2014. Dr. Bluestone will now retain his title as Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Otolaryngology.