Seven-valent PCV vaccine is fighting S. pneumoniae – the cause of otitis media in 52.2 percent of children in Mexican study.

StreptococcalpneumenaeThis study, with the average age of patients 42.5 months, was conducted in March 2002 and March 2003 by Frederico Gomez Children’s Hospital. Of 135 otitis media patients tested, 72 had S. pneumoniae serotypes in their ears, with 64 episodes classified as acute.

The vaccine 7-valent PCV is important because it includes S. pneumoniae serotypes, the cause of acute otitis media in 52.2 percent of the children tested. This study was provided by Society for Middle Ear Advisor, Dr. Carlos de la Torre González, who works with patients in the Hospital Infantil de México. He also is a professor and researches the microbiology of otitis media, especially Sp. pneumoniae. Read article: