Study Looks at Protein in Children Prone to Ear Infections

ENT Specialist

Dr. Desiderio Passali ENT Specialist from Italy

The immune system is a natural process within our bodies that fights infection. Ear disease impacts small children every day all over the world. Not all children’s immune systems work the same way.

Dr. Desiderio Passali, an ENT Professor at the University of Siena Medical School, Italy, is studying the resistance of otitis-prone children to infection by examining a protein found in the immune response of children with Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media(CSOM).

Too much of this protein called High Mobility Group Box Protein1(HMGB1) is found in chronic middle ear disease, including CSOM.

HMGB1 is excreted by soft tissues behind the nasal cavity and is part of cellular and extracellular reactions lying within layers of skin and moisture in the middle ear.

SMED advisor Dr. Passali is looking at the degree of the immune response, and its correlation with (HMGB1) and its receptors, called TLRs and RAGE, that trace molecular patterns, defending against bacteria and viruses. Read Dr. Passali’s description of his study on HMGB1 CSOM.