About Us

Information Dissemination

Society for Middle Ear Disease disseminates information on the diagnosis, treatment and management of otitis media that is evidence-based in which current guidelines are available for health-care workers, patients, and family members. By informing individuals with otitis media and their families they are better informed and can be proactive when interacting with their health-care workers when management decisions are made, i.e., shared-decision-making.

Funding for Research

Society for Middle Ear Disease promotes funding for research for otitis media by lobbying government and its agencies (e.g., NIH), as well as soliciting funding from foundations, the health-care industry, and private philanthropy.

Establishment of a Foundation

Society for Middle Ear Disease actively raises funds for a foundation in which the interest provides money for modest expenses incurred by Society for Middle Ear Disease, and for peer-reviewed competitive grants to investigators for independent research in otitis media.

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