A note from the Society for Middle-Ear Disease Advocate Board Chair…

February 19, 2014

The Society for Middle Ear Disease was founded on the premise that middle ear disease is treatable, even curable, if people have an understanding of accurate diagnosis and treatment protocols. In the second decade of the twenty-first century, the use of web-based information sites has become a primary source for accessing current information. The Board of Advocates, under the leadership of Dr. Charles Bluestone, has created such a resource, this website. In this age of information accessible at the stroke of your finger, we have assembled on this website the resources to help a patient or the next of kin to be able to meet with a medical doctor prepared with useful practical knowledge. Our website also offers robust resources for professionals to access the most current research on otitis media (middle ear disease) to assist them in accurately diagnosing the condition.

We espouse a “shared decision-making” process. It is essential that the patient (or representative of the patient) provide the doctor with accurate information about the symptoms. This website can provide the patient with specific details of the conditions, and suggested courses of treatment which you can then discuss with your doctor. Guidelines of treatment protocols from many countries are accessible. It is very important that patients prepare for their meeting with the doctor, this will help you make the best use of the appointment. Make a list of your questions before you meet with the doctor. Give the doctor the chronological order of symptoms, this will help with an accurate diagnosis. We encourage you to use the resources we have assembled here to prepare for a visit with your doctor. When it comes to accurately diagnosing otitis media (middle ear disease), a successful shared decision-making experience just is just a few clicks away.


Ruth Gabig Auld, EdD
Chair of the Society for Middle-Ear Disease Board of Advocates